Smith & Payne law firm has offices in Los Lunas, Valencia County, a central New Mexico location just a few minutes from Albuquerque. The firm features more than 60 years of total experience with two older experienced New Mexico lawyers and one new eager lawyer ready to help you. Our firm has represented many clients with legal problems in New Mexico and has handled cases in Albuquerque, New Mexico;  Belen, New Mexico and from almost every community, county, or area of the state of New Mexico.

Smith & Payne offers New Mexico personal injury and auto accident representation. Our lawyers will consult with you on truck or auto accident cases in New Mexico or on the freeways and interchanges.

Smith & Payne lawyers have extensive probate and estate experience in New Mexico . Allow us to help you by drafting end of life planning documents like a will or trust living, revocable, family trust or other.

Our attorneys can help you with real estate issues anywhere in New Mexico . Mr. Payne has an extensive and diverse experience in dealing with New Mexico ranch sales and represents buyers or sellers as a lawyer and/or a real estate broker. We handle many transfers of lots located in Rio del Oro in New Mexico and in Rio Grande Estates or other subdivisions for out of state owners.

Whatever your legal problem, we will try to guide you to a lawyer that can serve you if we cannot cost-effectively help. We will quickly tell you whether we can be cost effective in helping you with your problem.